Green & Pristine

At Clean & Pristine we are starting a new venture to help towards making our beautiful planet free from unnecessary waste, thus safeguarding it`s future for generations to come. 

Every great journey starts with small steps.

We are proud to introduce our first step, a range of Eco friendly cleaning products for use around your home.

All of our products come ready to use, in fully labelled reusable glass bottles.

Buy a bottle, then simply return to our shop and pay only for the refilled product, or you can use your own bottle and  we can refill it for you. Saving you money ...... and the environment.

Buy - Use - Return - Refill.

All of our products combine bio-degradable ingredients to create simple effective Eco cleaning - with no harsh chemicals - dye and animal cruelty free - ph neutral - sustainable -vegan and all made by real chemists at a family run business in Northamptonshire.


Our products & Prices.


All Purpose (Honeysuckle) - Cleans & refreshes washable hard surfaces.

500 ml filled reusable  glass bottle -  £4.50

500 ml refill - £2.00

Fabric Conditioner (Neroli) - Leaves laundry soft, fresh and free from static.

500 ml filled reusable glass bottle - £4.50

500 ml refill - £2.00

Hand Soap (Fig Leaf) - Gently cleanses without drying, neutral ph.

500 ml filled reusable glass bottle - £5.50

500 ml refill - £3.00

Laundry Liquid (Neroli) - Non bio, low temperature, hand/machine wash.

500 ml filled reusable glass bottle - £6.00

500 ml refill - £3.50

Wash Up (Ginger) - Tough on dirty dishes, gentle on hands.

500 ml filled reusable glass bottle - £4.50

500 ml refill - £2.00

All prices for filled reusable glass bottles include 50p off manufacturers recommended price.

We only have the above products in stock at the moment but we will be adding more in the near future.

Please contact us or call in to find out more details of our full list of possible products we can offer.

The more feedback we get, the more products we can offer that are right for you.

Buy - Use - Return - Refill

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